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Short Message Service

BOCI Securities Limitedprovides Trade Confirmation Notification by short message services (SMS):

Trade Confirmation Service

Customers can now receive text messages confirming details of their securities transactions (i.e., order execution, order cancellation or deduction of shares quantity). A text message will be automatically sent immediately after a new trade instruction has been successfully executed in the market. This is an exclusive free service for our BOCI Securities accountholders and receiving text message confirmations will not incur any charges. Of course, customers also can access more detailed information by reviewing full transaction records via daily and monthly statements.

Please follow the below steps to activate Trade Confirmation SMS notification service:

1. Log on to BOCI Online Securities Account

2. Click 'Account' in menu bar at the left of the screen and click 'Account Preference'.

3. In Account Preference section, you may subscribe or un-subscribe the SMS notification service.