Initial Public Offering - IPO Service
BOCI Securities aims to provide a quick-and-easy platform for our customers to subscribe IPO in Hong Kong:
  • 01

    Submit application through our hassle-free BOCI Securities IPO Nominee Services which

  • 02

    Provide convenient access to timely IPO information

  • 03

    Utilize 24 hours online subscription services during IPO offer period

  • 04

    Enjoy competitive handling fee on IPO subscription

  • 05

    Enhance your buying power via our IPO Margin Financing service

Private Placement
BOCI is playing a major role as Sponsors, Book-runners, Co-ordinators and Lead underwriters in the primary market. As part of our efforts in raising capital through the equity markets for those potential pre-IPO private companies, we also provide channels to our valuable professional investors to participate in the fundraising activities of Shares Placements through our business network.